We Don't Just Sweat.....WE GLOW ! - Come & Join Us

❤️A million THANKS to all for remembering & coming to RMS 10th Yr. Anniversary. I'm so happy & delighted with all the warm anniversary wishes & not only that , I truly had a great time dancing with you all. My anniversary party would have been boring & lifeless if it weren't for you guys who made it a blast of happiness.
Because you all came, my party remained less of a small party & became more a massive festivity. THANK YOU...THANK YOU ....THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming. I owe it all to you. Thanks for being part of my celebration.

*My OPENING presentation , as always the outstanding performance of HINATEA FAMILY led by Takako Sensei,,, Thank You So Much for this year amazing Tahitian dance again. It was Fabulous as always,,,❤️❤️❤️I can't help myself thinking how the way you move that hips...Love ittttttt!!!!.,,, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Need to try more harder to meet that movement....It's really awesome ...THANK YOUuuuuu!
** The TWIST TEAM led by Lovely Gallardo....You guys Rocks !,,, The dance was full of fun & excitement...You all really did a very GooooooD JOB !!!...Thumbs UP all the way Upppppp! THANK YOUuuuuuu,❤️❤️❤️
***Matsui san & Kazumi chan...OMG ! I'm so happy with all the photos. Absolutely THE BEST photographers around ! The pictures you took are just PERFECT. ❤️❤️❤️You two has such an amazing talent for capturing moments, which exactly what I wanted on my party. It's not only the photos that reminds how a great day was, but it's the natural moments of fun, excitement, & love that are so important to be documented. Your ability not to miss a moment is absolutely incredible.HONTONI ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU....

In my 10 years as a Zumba Instructor .The BEST part of my experience or as i could say the things that Zumba has brought into my life is when your members becomes your friends and friends become your family. ❤️
To my RMS Fam Bam,TEAMS, SQUAD, W-Up Team AGENDA ,IR's I99 Tamama ,Ayako & Koaki, Kids & Parents, , Papa Schu, THANK YOU EVERYBODY for all the support & unconditional love❤️ you've always given me. You are all my BLESSINGS...Without you all, I can't make it till 10 yrs. & this party the way I wanted to be "I mean PERFECT,,,"You all consistently exceed my expectations,AWESOMEeeeeee!!!!!.... from the reception, decorations, MC, lightings, schedules, buying needed stuff, extra cars etc...You all manage it smoothly & organized. Words cannot express the gratitude I am feeling for what you all brought me. I really appreciate everything you did...From the bottom of my heart ....THANK YOU SOoooooo MUCH...⭐️❤️Hontoni Minasan ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA....Otsukaresama deshita !



Beautiful Flowers,Beautiful Gifts ,Beautiful Wishes &
Greetings from a Beautiful heart Zumba Fam Bam ,Words cannot express the happiness you all gave me.
 THANK YOU for all this things , you all make me feel more extra special..
.Arigatou Gozaimashita


It's PARTY TIME ! ! !






Toshiharu Suzuki・Tamami Namiki Tamama・Gina Alejandro Moro・Ayako Tsukita・Akiko Saitou・Misako Takeuchi・Emi Takeno Kazumi Shiratori・22

You are all cordially invited to a night of celebration of RMS FITNESS 10th Year Anniversary on May 18,2019 at 6pm (90 mins. Zumba Fitness) in Nakahara Shimin Kan Park City Musashi Kosogi 2flr. Tamokuteki Hall .

It is a night of full energy, fun, dancing, sweating & a back to back hit music from the year 1 to year 10 of my Zumba Fitness class.
So COME JOIN US coz' It's The Party you don't wanna miss, & there's a lot of surprises waiting for you.

***Everyone is welcome to come NO RESERVATION needed just come on time & party with us.
REGISTRATION will be done at door.***

***For more questions pls. contact : Toshiharu Suzuki Tamami Namiki Tamama Gina Alejandro Moro Emi Takeno Ayako Tsukita Akiko Saitou Misako Takeuchi Kazumi Shiratori & 22...

L E T 's P A R T Yyyyyyyyyyyy ! ! !

Minasan Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu

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Poster Photo is PHOTOGRAPHED BY : Akiko Saitou


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