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THANK YOU.....from R.M.S

         It is indeed hard to begin with in giving thanks to everyone who in their own special means made this event possible and would never have been undertaken were if not for the support and contributions of some extra ordinary people....Nonetheless....
(初めに本日参加の皆様方に感謝の意を表します.なぜなら,皆様方のサポートと貢献がなければ今回のこのイベントは 実現しえなかったと思うからです)
        " Thanks for your precious Time, Effort & Money."
* To my dearest Begin members, family, friends, pc classmates, fellow instructors for their unwavering support and love for me and for my Zumba.
* To all my mentors, especially Ms. Masako Sakaguchi who gave her time to come and join my R.M.S event inspite of her very busy schedules.
(私の全てのメンター,特に非常に忙しいスケジュールにも関わらず今回の私のR.M.S イベントに参加してくださったMasako 坂口さんに)
* To my family, who had stand by me and shared the countless blessings in life... my staff and personal friends who shared their ideas, time and everything of what they have to make the R.M.S circle a SUCCESSFUL ONE.
(いつも私のそばにいて多くの祝福を分かち合ってくれた家族,友人,そしてR.M.S   サークルを成功に導いてくれるためにいくつかのアイデアや時間を分かちあってくれた私のスタッフや友人たちに)          
 * Thanks to all your special GIFTS and BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS..." I Love It..."   *    
          In the midst of the recent crisis that had brought sorrow and pain to many, specially the victims of the horrible earthquake and tsunami, it is a great pleasure for me to conduct this R.M.S Opening Charity Event in dedication to all of you.
(今回の未曾有の地震と津波で被害にあわれた多くの方々,特に犠牲にあわれた方々の悲しみと痛みを想い,今回参加された方々の協力のもとで私がこのR.M.S  オープニングチャリティーイベントを行うのは大きな喜びでもあります)
         This gives me the oppurtunity and chance to make everybody look forward for what other wonderful things life could continually bring happiness beyond fear and change our simple lifestyle into a healthy and enjoyable one with the help of Rhythm Movement & Style.........Zumba.
(このことは私に多くの人たちに沈んだ気持ちでいないでR.M.Sズンバで私たちの   シンプルなライフスタイルを健康で楽しいものに変えたりするような人生が提供できる他の何か素晴らしいものに目を向けさせてくれる機会とチャンスを与えてくれました)
         As we carry on with this charitable dedication, this charity event changes our lives as we don't know in many wonderful ways, makes us help each other with ONE GOAL, ONE PURPOSE and with ONE LOVE.
                          Let us stand all together as ONE, because we are Zumba Family.     
           " WE make a living by what we get, WE make a life by what we give....."                                                 (我々は,他から得ることによって生活するが,与えることによって人生を築く)
                                    [ Sir Winston Churchill  1874~1965 ]
                                    (サー.ウインストン.チャーチル 1874~1965)

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