We Don't Just Sweat.....WE GLOW ! - Come & Join Us

THANK YOU SO MUCH to you all beautiful & kind people of Aichi Nagoya for your very warm hospitality to me and to my RMS Family...My heart is really filled with joy and happiness yesterday dancing & rockin' with you all...all the way!!!...You just burned the floor guys~~~~~Nagoya peeps really ROCKS !!!!!...Hontoni kokoro kara ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA....Minasan otsukaresama deshita!!!!....

***I would like to specifically THANK the whole staff of Nagoya...The lovely couple Suzuki Family,
Tomomi Yamada, Mizuno Masao, & Kimura Takahiro..for all the preparation and effort you did for introducing me to your lovely town....My huge gratitude to you guys ,,,without you I won't even had the chance to dance with all these good party people....Thank You also for guiding, touring & all the dinner & lunch reservation you did for us...And for all the gifts too.....RMS Family & I really had a very very good time and we all owe it to you.....Hontoni ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA.
Toshiharu Suzuki .....THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the processing you did for this tour ....Otsukaresama deshita!!!...I know it was tough but you really did a very good job,,,Hontoni Arigatouuuu!
Yumi Murata & IR Ayano ...Thanks for your lovely dance...AWESOME as always
***To Tsuji san....Thank You So Much for keeping my RMS Family safe in the road...Unten ARIGATOU GOZAIMASUuuuuuuu!!!...
***To all our beautiful photos taken by
Matsui Naoki, つじsan, RMS Family & Nagoya Zumba peeps ...THANKS A LOT !!!..
***And last but not the least....To my RMS Crew, Angels, & my very kind RMS Family....THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your support...Gracias to you guys...!!!! Minasan two days otsukaresama deshita~~~~Cho Tanoshiii kata neeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!...Hontoni ARIGATOUuuuu!