We Don't Just Sweat.....WE GLOW ! - Come & Join Us

Shout Out To You All !
My BIG BIG THANKS to all of you who came and get Partied with me on my RMS 9th Yr. Anniversary Celebration...
Thank You So Much for making me the HAPPIEST person last Sunday. You all made my 9th Anniversary & my life so meaningful again. It was really a tears of joy. Can't express how deeply grateful I am with all your smiles, your hugs, your shout of encouragement and all your amazing dances that made the Party fabulous & more amazing & entertaining...HONTONI MINASAN....ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU....Otsukaresama deshitaaaaaa!!!!!

*TUAHINE Family for welcoming everybody with your magnificent opening number... Tahitian Dance & Costumes are AWESOME as always.... Hontoni maido maido ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU...Kazumi Shiratori san Thank You always for the support and bringing all these beautiful ladies in the house.

**To all my fam bam dancers & cutie RMS Kids,,,, What can I say THUMBS Super UP !!!!...You all always made me so proud and happy...Big APPLAUSED to you all.!!!
For all the effort & sweat you've done in our meetings is truly appreciated....ARIGATOUuuuu to you guys !!!

***To my guests ,,, who always been a true friend of mine, Tamami Namiki Tamama , Ijkuko Sasaki , Ayako Tsukita Thank You for sharing your dance to us.."Otsukaresama deshita "
And to Yumi Murata & Aya Family so surprised to see you ....Your love & support is really in my heart....Thank You for coming,,,,we're all looking forward to dance with you soon.

****To my RMS Crew, AGENDA, Angels, SQUAD who been my strength throughout, to our host Ayako Tsukita & Akiko Saitou, Gina AlejandroEmi TakenoAkemi TsujiNoriko MurakamiMisako Takeuchi for being the best receptionist ever, to my amazing J Park Toshiharu Suzuki & Shumpe Momo Ishida, to my photographers & video live takers Matsui NaokiKate Takano Marielle,Yurika Kisaragi Queenie and to all who took photos ... Event & Stage Deco Assistant: Momo, Kei Watanabe Reiko Aburada Takeshi Komai,Hiroyuki Koiwai, Shumpe, Emiko Kisaragi, Yuko Horikoshi, Nano chan...

Thank You Guys for doing a Job Well Done in our Party....You are all magnificent !!!...Team Work is above TOP LEVEL. Another amazing Party we all did again,,,,Gratitude to You all !!!....Hontoni kokoro kara ARIGATOUuuuuuuuu!!!!!

*****To my FILIPINO Divas invited by Nomura Samson BalbyBhabes CosayChe Rivera Sta AnaJenny Roca OkadaMelarme Calvilhaya Marielle Ykalina Marie Yamadaクイニー ShanhelDomoto ElizaGemma Enrera KanazakiNene Rizza Garcia Mayulen, Maricel, Mari AkarMargie KubotaTheresa Santos...Thank Flawless ladies for coming,,,,Looking forward to see more again...

*****For all the BEAUTIFUL Flowers, Gifts, Love Letters, & Foods who shared their blessings ...Andie Blackvelvet, Mr. Terakado san, Ayako Tsukita, Mrs, Akiyo, Ms. Bamba, Mami chan, Akiko Saitou, Papa Schu, Yumi Murata & Family , Mayumi, Chie, Hitomi, and lot more ...THANK YOU SO MUCH...All your thoughts & kind words are truly made me very happy.

I'll see you all again in my 10th Year on 2019, but before that we'll be having more PARTIES THIS YEAR...Watch Out for Sports Fest , Halloween & Christmas.
I'll see you all again in our regular RMS Class....

***More photos will be follow later ***

God Bless Everyone

R.M.S Fitness Circleは来る2018年 4月22日(日)中原市民館パークシティ武蔵小杉 にて
9周年記念行事開催します。この日 6:30pm~8:00pm迄(90分のズンバフィットネス)のスペシャルレッスンを行います。私達と一緒になって笑い・踊り・そして楽しむ方々をご招待します。

*** 参加登録は当日受付いたします。***
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  Hey Guys!…
R.M.S Fitness Circle is celebrating  it's 9th Yr. Anniversary Special in Nakahara Shimin kan Park City Musashi Kosogi onApril 22, 2018 We'll be holding a SPECIAL LESSON on this day at 6:30pm~8:00pm ( 90 mins. Zumba Fitness ). I'm inviting everyone to join us, to dance, to smile, and to have fun with us. Let's shape ourselves into world music of Zumba Fitness with  lots of latin moves, booty shakin', chest pumpin', shoutin', wigglin', rollin' and the unstoppable shimmies on this day. This going to be HOT & SWEAT guys!... So come and join Us Now!...Don't miss the fun....

***No need for early registration or paying in advance just come and have fun with me,,,More surprises awaits you on this day...
*** Registration is  done on this day.***
For further questions don't hesitate to email me and I'll be glad to answer you back.
Grab your shoes now & Shape Yourself Into World of Party!
*****Please come early for more surprisses & photo shoots.*****