We Don't Just Sweat.....WE GLOW ! - Come & Join Us
Zumba Fitness Conference in Japan was held this month December 5th & 6th, 2011 at Pacifico Annex Hall Yokohama. We people of Japan especially Zumba lovers were very proud to have Beto Perez (creator of zumba) Jani Roberts, Kass Martin , Jason Thompson & Ricardo Marmitte to have and give us an amazing Master Class, Zumba Party, and Workshop for two consecutive days. The venue was full of ZIN Instructors and  members joining these outstanding choreographers....you can feel the fun , excitement,  energy & love all over the places. I am so happy to see & joined all my Zumba Families together having a great...great time with Beto....mhuaaaa!
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R.M.S Crew at Zumba Fitness Conference Japan... " CALIENTE "
Zumba Fitness Conference in JapanDec. 5, 6, 2011with Beto Perez, Jani Roberts, Kass Martin, Jason Thompson, Ricardo Marmitte
Having said that...I am also proud to say that my members had joined me to performed in this convention at Fiesta Caliente Special. My team's name is R.M.S Crew (Rhythm Movement & Style). We are very proud to be chosen to performed on this event in front of Beto Perez, Jani Roberts, Kass Martin ,Jason Thompson, Ricardo Marmitte, Japan ZES, and hundreds of ZIN Instructors & members...."Thanks AFAA Japan".... It was a nerve shaking experienced being watched with all this great people....Me and my crew was so nervous and yet we did a great job....AWESOME ....my team!...Everybody gave their very BEST to make this performance unforgetable....THUMBS UP TO EVERYONE!...Miyuki, Yumi, Aki, Mami, Kimi, Aya, Mika, Gina and our videographer Takako-chan...Thank You So Much...Job well done!....
『ありがとうございますAFAA Japan!』。この偉大な人たちが見てると思うと振るえがきました。だけどチームの皆さんが頑張ってくれたおかげで私たちはベストを尽くすことができました。
In this video, you can see Jani Roberts taking us a video too, Kass Martin taking us pictures, and Beto went down from his place and move in front of the stage and watched us the whole minutes of our performance...Beto cheered up the whole part of the music saying....Wepaaaa! over and over again!... and he sings part by part of the song....The very important part which Beto said to us was ....Oh My God....You are BEAUTIFUL!...and that makes our day so complete and happy going home. All my tiredness was magically gone like a snap of a finger when i heard that....This was our moment... and these are my GEMS.
Down below, is a film strip of all the pictures taken at the conference and also our last rehearsal before the big event....Enjoy watching it ....THANKS!
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Ninie's... Zumba Fitness Conference Japan 2011
R.M.S Crew in Zumba Fitness Conference in JapanDecember 5-6, 2011Pacifico Annex Hall Yokohama