We Don't Just Sweat.....WE GLOW ! - Come & Join Us
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From the bottom of my heart , THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming and joining my R.M.S 5th Yr. Anniversary Special yesterday. My heart is overwhelmed with joy seeing you all in my special. I really don't know the exact words to say to all just "THANKS....THANKS...THANKS and a MILLION THANKS TO ALL,,,, HONTONI MINASAN ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU,,,,kokoro ga SHIAWASE GA IPPAIiiiii....... To all my RMS Family, Z-Family MM Begin, Esforta, & Nishi Sports Center, to all my Friends, to my Family & relatives , to all my visitors, my IR
Yumi Murata, Akiko Fujiwara, Ijkuko Sasaki, & Aya Murata, and to all my Angel Staff " Tamami Namiki Tama, Eriko Yamazaki, Chisato Hirai, Nao chan, Takeshi Komai, Hiroyuki Koiwai, Takao Taniguchi, Toshikazu Matsuda, Toshiharu Suzuki, セキグチ ヒサオ, to my special guests who gave us a wonderful opening number Nao Sakata, & Tuahine Team Kazumi Shiratori, to all my performers, RMS Family, Kids & Mom's, to all who sent me messages to greet and congratulate me in my anniversary, to those who sents me FLOWERS, LOVE LETTERS, & GIFTS and to my WONDERFUL RMS CREW's who did their BEST to make this special a real special one....MY HEARTFUL THANKS TO YOU ALL....GOD BLESS EVERYONE, and blessed you all always to have A HAPPY, ENJOYABLE & A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE ........My RMS ~ ZUMBA LOVE HUGS & KISSES TO EVERYONE.....I LOVE YOU ALL GUYS!.......THANKS....THANKS....THANKS....THANKS and THANKS ONCE AGAIN....mhuaaaaaaaaaaa!