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22's Definition of Zumba
Zumba doesn't see any races, religions, shapes, size,age, gender...it just sees people and music and every individual who interpret rhythms in many different ways. So, Zumba for me is a " BLESSINGS " coz' it creates friendship, good health and love.
There is no such rules in zumba, " NO COMPETETIVE RIVALRY ", all you just need to do is to open your heart...as long as your heart is unlock, your body will never be locked neither your mind.
I think the very first thing to do that is to have fun, stay positive and give someone a smile and the rest is Zumba...and then you'll see many wonderful things will come to you.
 Let's make Zumba a lifestyle not a duty...
 Without Zumba...No Fun and life is boring.                                                            
 With Zumba ......You'll have HAPPINESS