Fitness Circle -
THANK YOU TO ALL from the bottom of my heart...
It was a magnificent night having you all in my party. You all make it an evening to remember.... Minasan otsukaresama deshita~~~Hontoni Hontoni ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA,,,,Minasan no COSTUME, TEAM WORK, SMILE, DANCE, SUPPORT hontoni...hontoni .... Subarashiiiii!!!....Am so happy to have this concept " The Witches Ball " this year. It makes our character totally different & crazy again.....Dare to dare ka wakaranaku nachatta~~~ MAKE UP's ga fabulous sugiru~~~! 22 ga CHUCKIE ni natte mokuteki da~~~hi...hi...hi....datte minna WITCH dakara ningyo "DOLL" nai to okashii deshou~~~~(Hai ! iwake desu~~~)
*Huge number of newbies, Hontoni ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA, I hope you all enjoyed my RMS Party coz' we all enjoyed to have you and partied with you yesterday. Mata aemashou ne~~~
**To Yumi Murata & Aya chan, even you are not around you still manage to sent me a wonderful Congratulation Card " DEMPO "...Hontoni kokoro kara ureshiiiiiii~~~HONTONI ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU...Your support is really unmeasurable....I'll be expecting to have you both next year ok........Yoroshiku ne!!!
*** TUAHINE Team...another amazing number you gave to everyone....Hontoni ARIGATOU GOZAIMASHITA,,, your dance & costume really matches my concept....Tottemo SUBARASHIiiiii kattaaaa~~~Otsukaresama deshita !!!,,,
***To my RMS Crew, Angels, Agenda & Squad....Thank You So Much for all the team work , arrangement, assistance to one another, reception , effort of making different broomstick , photo frames & for all the a amazing dances you did on the stage. Hontoni Saikouuuuuu!!!!.....Minasan otsukaresama deshita~~~THANKS A BUNCH !!!
****To my amazing IR Tamami Namiki Tamama,,, THUMBS UP !!!
Tamama chan no lead Saikou ni mori agarimashita yo~~~PERFECT !!!...PERFECT !!!....PERFECT !!!....Tamama chan no seitou tachi tottemo lucky to omoimasu....They should be proud of you becoz' me myself is so proud to have you lead my special class....Otsukaresama ne!!!
*****To my emcee Toshiharu Suzuki & Tamami Namiki Tamama , you both done a VERY GOOD JOB yesterday...Otsukareeee!!!...clap...clap...clap!!!
******My behind the scene angels Takeshi Komai, Noko Papa & Kingston Trio ...Thank You for taking good care of the AUDIO & LIGHTS...The Party became more fabulous becoz' of your work.
*****RMS Filipina Divas...THANK YOU for the beautiful BOUQUET I got from you....You're all so sweet & kind ....Hontoni ureshiii desu !!! ARIGATOUuuuu!
******Last but not the least ...To all our BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS taken by our very kind hearted family...Matsui Naoki,Kate TakanoAkiko Saitou, Bhabes Cosay,
Emiko Kisaragi, Ayako Tsukita, Kuniko Azuma ,Toshiharu Suzuki & lot more...THANKS A LOT!...Another volume of amazing memories to treasure again...Gratitude to you guys!
I'll see you all again talk about our next year concept...Details are already set for this...Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu...Yeeeeeppppeeeee!!!!!

                      Your Officially Invited on 

               OCTOBER 14, 2017 
                      RMS HALLOWEEN SPECIAL
                                ***COSTUME PARTY***

             Get Party With Us !!!

Somethings brewing and it'll be ghoulishly fun,
A wicked good time for everyone...IT"S PARTY TIME !!!
YOU'RE INVITED...for a wicked good time as we celebrate RMS HALLOWEEN

                    " The Witches Ball ..."

                      So fly on over and park your broomstick on
                         " Saturday OCTOBER 14, 2017 "
                        Witching Time begins at 7 o'clock...
      Castle Nakahara Shimin Kan Park City Musashi Kosogi

Come & Dress Up like a Wicked Witch, White Witch, Sexy Witch,
Gray Witch, Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock or just wear anything as what you wished....but I proposed color black, violet ,witch green or orange...
So Come & Join Usfor the SPOOKTACULAR Partyof the Year...
Mark The Date.....Get your broomstick & be ready for the Magic Dancing Spell~~~   

                                    LET'S PARTY !!!

* Registration will be at the door
**Come early 15 mins. ahead for photo shoots
***Costume desired not required

For more questions...
Pls. go to the Contact Us page of this site.....

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